[Starlingx-discuss] Some test cases may be added to StarlingX test suit

Liu, ZhipengS zhipengs.liu at intel.com
Wed Aug 8 01:46:58 UTC 2018

Hi Ada,

As we know, Titanium Cloud is OPNFV verified, so it should pass related test.
I see this test spec below, not sure if we can add them to our test suit. Just FYI.


The OPNFV OVP provides a series or test areas aimed to evaluate the operation of an NFV system in accordance with carrier networking needs. Each test area contains a number of associated test cases which are described in detail in the associated test specification.

All tests in the OVP are required to fulfill a specific set of criteria in order that the OVP is able to provide a fair assessment of the system under test. Test requirements are described in the 'Test Case Requirements'_ document.


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