[Starlingx-discuss] Some test cases may be added to StarlingX test suit

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Wed Aug 8 12:06:14 UTC 2018

As you mentioned, Titanium Cloud is OPNFV verified ... which means it passes all the mandatory dovetail tests.

Internally we are in the process of adding this dovetail test suite to the automated tests that we internally run on TitaniumCloud / StarlingX.

The gotcha about running Dovetail is that there is some specific networking requirements for the node running the dovetail test tool, it requires some modification of the standard Titanium configuration to allow root ssh access to nodes from dovetail tool and there are still some manual changes to dovetail itself required due to dovetail not being flexible enough yet to handle different types of implementations (specifically in the yardstick HA tests).


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Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 9:46 PM
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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Some test cases may be added to StarlingX test suit

Hi Ada,

As we know, Titanium Cloud is OPNFV verified, so it should pass related test.
I see this test spec below, not sure if we can add them to our test suit. Just FYI.


The OPNFV OVP provides a series or test areas aimed to evaluate the operation of an NFV system in accordance with carrier networking needs. Each test area contains a number of associated test cases which are described in detail in the associated test specification.

All tests in the OVP are required to fulfill a specific set of criteria in order that the OVP is able to provide a fair assessment of the system under test. Test requirements are described in the ‘Test Case Requirements’_ document.


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