[Starlingx-discuss] August 1/2: Face to Face notes

Jolliffe, Ian Ian.Jolliffe at windriver.com
Wed Aug 8 01:47:09 UTC 2018

The StarlingX core team had a F2F in Ottawa, at the Wind River site on August 1 and 2nd.  We had a productive two days, below are the key outcomes:

We established a list of identified sub-projects, along with the roles, can be found here: [0]
      [0] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/ctjc7vlbphm1

Project priorities have been reviewed and can be found here: [1]
       [1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Project_Priorities

Project tracking:
       Release tracking will be done in StoryBoard
       Bugs will be tracked in Bugzilla - this needs to be set up.  Until then StoryBoard will continue to be used.

Project communication:
       Sub-projects will communicate by using one mailing list, with tags

As Bruce sent out in an earlier email we modified the release cadence/model:
       Alpha release (Naming TBD - but sticking to calendar related, made sense to the team): Oct. 2018
       Starting 2019: Three releases / year
       Will ship approximately: Mid March, Mid July, Mid Nov
       LTS: will be defined based on content, not time based

Defect workflow:
       Screen for Priority and Criticality
       Assign to sub-teams
       Team lead would assign them to team members
       Socialize at weekly meeting
       Record and publish
       Escalations go to the Release Team
       Communicate with TSC

	Align with OpenStack conventions
	Leverage the wiki for developer guides
	Create CLI and API documentation
	Iterate based on feedback

Test and test infrastructure:
- Need to prioritize to ensure we focus on high leverage test cases
- Unit Test will reside in STX
- Zuul
     - Will get a baseline once the repo re-structuring is ready
     - Each sub-team is responsible for running the jobs

We will create a test team
- The team delivering a feature will develop new test cases as well, and work with test team to ensure test level is met

- Currently we have 30 test cases, based on Robot

Goal is to have:
- Daily sanity runs
- Weekly regression
- Auto install
- Log capture

Project baseline:
OpenStack rebase:
- No rebase in 2018
- Planning in Q4, execute in Q1 /2019 for next rebase

Component Upgrade plans:
- CentOS 7.5: Q4 / 2018
- Ceph: Q4 / 2018
- Qemu: bleeding edge, Q4 2018
- Libvirt: bleeding edge, Q4 2018
- Drivers: Q4 2018
Pyhton 3 plan:
- Sub-team created
- New commits once backlog is complete
- Ensure changes are tested

Multi OS
Ian, Brent, Saul, Dean to work jointly on a design proposal to determine a framework.

Build - most critical item right now
- this is/will be covered in other threads.

Action															Owner
Bug tracking: Start a Bugzilla instance and populate with the existing data						Bruce
Release Tracking: Define a set of requirements to improve the search and reporting capabilities in StoryBoard		TBD
Release: Hook up WR Tox in Zuul											TBD
Test: Intel to provide the list of 30TC developed										Bruce - Done
Test: WR to assign a prime to review the test cases developed to date							Ian

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