[Starlingx-discuss] LaunchPad vs Storyboard for bug tracking

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Thanks Dariush for doing the evaluation work.

While Launchpad is not perfect, I would like to confirm on this thread too what Dariush mentioned as well, there is a migration script and process to move from Launchpad to StoryBoard which I think is a big advantage.

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> On 2018. Aug 9., at 22:19, Eslimi, Dariush <Dariush.Eslimi at windriver.com> wrote:
> Thanks for clarification, I understand the motivations, all I am trying to say Storyboard is not ready yet for bugs.
> So we can join others in Openstack and move when all move to new platform.
> Dariush
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> On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 1:10 PM, Eslimi, Dariush <Dariush.Eslimi at windriver.com> wrote:
>> * We will depend on UbuntuOne regardless of Launchpad, as we need it for gerrit.
> OpenStack will move Gerrit and other tooling to the OpenStack Foundation auth authority when we are free of LaunchPad, this tie is why it is an issue.  That change will also affect StarlingX and any other project using OpenStack Foundation resources.
>> * API-first : Storybard suffers from same issue, rich API, UI not representation of API and backend.
> You have this backward.  LaunchPad does not expose everything in its API that it can do in the web UI.  This has hampered some automation efforts and in fact was one of the motivators for the SB teams position of API first.  The situation with Storyboard allows users with API capabilities to solve their own problems regarding UI limitations.  This is not possible with LaunchPad.
> I am not arguing a position one way or the other, just clarifying the stated reasons and why a specific organization has wanted to leave LaunchPad for over 6 years now.
> dt
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