[Starlingx-discuss] Build Packages: Fail to Build BASH with Simultaneous Jobs

Arce Moreno, Abraham abraham.arce.moreno at intel.com
Thu Jun 14 14:13:22 UTC 2018

> > During a recent compilation of StarlingX build failures happened for
> > package
> > bash-4.2.46-29 [0]
> > 2 ways to fix:
> > - in a workstation with 8 CPUs, it is fixed by cleaning the component
> > and running a second time via build-pkgs
> > - in a server with 88 CPUs, the failure is fixed by removing the -j
> > option from patch [1] Any advice is highly appreciated.
> The patch in question added -j"%(nprocs)" to the "make" line as part of an
> attempt to speed up the overall build on machines with many CPUs.
> The fact that it's failing points to a flaw in the upstream package.  

Yes, we have had no other package has failed due to this option.

> I see two options, either track down and fix the problem with parallel builds or else
> remove the "-j" option until the upstream package fixes parallel builds.

Now complementing with Bruce's options:

1. Update Bash package
2. Fix the problem
3. Remove patch

I will work as they are listed, assuming no other package is tightly coupled to bash version 4.2.46. 
Would this upgrade be a good first exercise to allow StarlingX have latest package versions?


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