[Starlingx-discuss] [multi-os] replace "/etc" in config files by a variable "sysconfdir"

Hu, Yong yong.hu at intel.com
Sat Sep 29 00:24:02 UTC 2018

As a part of initiatives, I would like to suggest to replace “/etc”, which is hardcoded in some StarlingX config files,
by a variable something like “sysconfdir”, which would be “instantiated” a bit later upon the OS type (CentOS, ClearLinux or Ubuntu).

Taking “stx-nfv/nfv/nfv-vim/nfv_vim/config.ini” as an example,
“/etc” is coded in this “config.ini” directly to refer other config files:

My recommendation is to use a variable “sysconfdir” as instead, and to “define” this variable on later stage,
like in “nfv.spec” for CentOS, in which “sysconfdir” is “/etc”.

The benefit I see here is in other OSs, such as Clear Linux in which we can set different value,
for example, “/usr/local/etc” for this variable “sysconfdir”.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.
If I don’t see objections with this kind of changes, I will make some patches accordingly afterward.

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