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Anirudh Gupta Anirudh.Gupta at hsc.com
Tue Jun 18 09:10:51 UTC 2019

Hi All,

It would be great if anyone can please address my below queries.

I have prepared All in One Simplex/Duplex Setup on release 2018.10 and would like to further continue my work on the upcoming 2019.05 release.

Going forward, I do have some queries:

  *   As per the recent update, the release 2019.05 is delayed and now is expected to be out in the month of August 2019.


Is there any further update on the release date?

  *   As per the release notes of 2018.10, I am using Pre-built StarlingX Image


Will the release 2019.05 be based on Kubernetes? If Yes, What will be the changes in the footprint?

And will there be another ISO with Kubernetes support available for 2019.05 Release?

  *   As per the below links of 2018.10 and 2019.05, the Hardware requirements is same.


So will there be any change in the Hardware Requirement for both the releases or they'll remain unchanged?

  *   What efforts would be required if I need to upgrade my system from the current 2018.10 to the new 2019.05 release?

Anirudh Gupta
(Senior Engineer)
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