[Starlingx-discuss] Community Call (March 27, 2019)

Zvonar, Bill Bill.Zvonar at windriver.com
Wed Mar 27 20:03:00 UTC 2019

Notes from the Mar 27th call.

Please be aware of issues with AIO-SX with recent loads - issue being tracked under https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1820928.


- Welcome folks from FiberHome!
     - Are there any other new community members? - none today 
- Denver Planning: Open Infrastructure Summit & PTG (Ildiko)
     - Forum
           - these are discussions about a particular topic, not a formal presentation
           - connecting experts & interested parties to share knowledge 
           - Linux distro integration best practices: 
           - StarlingX for Operators: https://www.openstack.org/summit/denver-2019/summit-schedule/events/23661/starlingx-for-openstack-operators
           - PTG planning etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-ptg-preparation-denver-2019
           - if you'd like to *attend* the PTG remotely, please let Ildiko know - she's got a "pretty good" microphone for remote attendees 
           - please add your name to the PTG etherpad (just above) and also indicate if you've got any particular topic(s) you'd like discussed 
     - Presentations
           - <Bill to add pointers>
     - Hands On Workshop
           - <Bill to add pointers> 
     - the following folks indicated that they'll be in Denver 
           - Dean, Brent, Saul, Cesar, Bruce, Greg 
- Skydive project: https://skydive.network.  Cool looking network management software.  Is it interesting to StarlingX users?
     - network visualization/monitoring process 
     - per Curtis, an SDN version of traceroute, like this, could be useful 
     - per Ildiko, the Neutron team may have been using this - so possibly we could ask them about it's usefulness 
- Distro.openstack (Bruce)
     - upstream Nova work looking like it won't land til late May / early June - relevant to our release planning 
- Docs (Michael / Bruce)
     - Docs team input into restructuring needed: 
- Networking (Ghada)
     - much focus on upversioning OVS-DPDK
     - Issues seen in system used in China even with standard loads. 
     - Same issues are not seen in WR systems. working w/ Ada's test team to get data from their testing.
     - Current forecast of April 5 will need to be re-forecasted. Expect 2wks delay.
- Security (Ken)
     - first scan completed, by hand, identified real issues 
     - ISO scan being automated (Victor & Memo)
     - working on container scanning as well 
- Build (Cesar/Ken)
     - steady as we go, looking for optimizations 
- Containers (Frank)
     - 30 storyboards open - 1 or 2 ready to close - plan is mostly in place, a few items to close - goes out to early June 
     - LP 1820928 - causes application apply to fail, impacts AIO-SX, team is focused on this --- avoid AIO-SX til this bug is resolved 
- CentOS (Cindy)
     - per Ada, CentOS 7.6 testing hasn't started yet, focused on OVS-DPDK
- Ceph Upgrade (Cindy)
     - team working on getting all patches onto master by early next week - Ada will plan the testing accordingly 
- Multi-OS (Cesar)
     - integration of Ubuntu going as planned 
- Test (Ada/Numan)
     - Ada/Numan reviewing per-feature test plans, planning to have a read-out for the release plan meeting tomorrow 
     - Strategy for performance footprint and yardstick (Victor)
     - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Nr12zDRXf34kpjiA0LsFLU8GIpMY8Y-H2zmiC96CD4A/edit?usp=sharing
     - Does anyone need help?
- we didn't get to this topic, will pick this up in the next Release Planning meeting...
     - Readout from the release team (Bill, Bruce, Ghada)  
         - We have several long-pole items that are anchor features for the release.  
         - The longest is Dist Cloud. 2nd longest is the OpenStack Backport content.
         - We are not going to hit our current dates.  The release team has a proposal.  We have some options
         - Our previous release policy has been to do time based releases.  
                - If we release on schedule we will have several incomplete anchor features and the system will not be stable.  
                - The reality is that we are currently doing a content based release. 
                - Going foward we should decide if we want to be time based or content based, and if the former, 
                  we need to do more upfront work to make sure we come closer to hitting our dates.
         - We can remove content from the release.  
                - The Distributed Cloud content is candidate.  
                - The OpenStack backports are a candidate
         - We can do a follow-on release that adds features (e.g. distcloud) and bug fixes.  
         - If we only ship with Container support and it is stable that would be a big win for StarlingX
         - (Ghada) Still need to work on refining the release back-end plan with focus on the test activities and final bug fixing cyle
         - Not confident the original durations are sufficient. They were based on a much shorter Feature Development cycle.


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Reminder of tomorrow's Community call - please feel free to add to the agenda at [0].


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