[Starlingx-discuss] StarlingX Distro.OpenStack Bi-weekly Meeting - WW03'2020

Yong Hu yong.hu at intel.com
Tue Jan 14 05:13:01 UTC 2020

A reminder that there will be a meeting this week on Tuesday Jan 14. 
The 2 main topics will be:

1. Discuss a PR [0] for Stx.2.0 CVE fix on stx-nava staging. @Dean, 
@Brent and @Shuicheng please join this topic.

2. Review OpenStack Service Upgrade from "Train" to "Ussuri" for stx.4.0 
release. @Kunpeng and @Chant from 99Cloud and @Zhipeng, please update on 
this task.

3. Review LPs on distro.openstack [1] if we still have time

4. Open

If you have additional topics please add them to the etherpad: 

[0] https://github.com/starlingx-staging/stx-nova/pull/27


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