[Starlingx-discuss] system application-apply stx-openstack FAILED due to failed to download images

Daolin Liu dorian_lau at 126.com
Fri Jan 17 08:24:18 UTC 2020


When I run system application-apply stx-openstack, failed to download one or more images, 
and I check from sysinv log, it seems that I cannot pull images from gcr.io in China (succeed for docker.io and quay.io)

So I pull the image of defaultbackend:1.0 by myself and change the tag to gcr.io/google_containers/defaultbackend:1.0,
and then run system application-apply stx-openstack again, but still failed, which seems that it's still tried to download from gcr.io although this image already exists.

Probably related to Bug #1859881 

Please give me some advice.

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