[Starlingx-discuss] Modifying host-add for bare metal edge cloud

Williams, Alexander Alexander.Williams at commscope.com
Wed Jul 14 20:52:52 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'm looking into modifying the host add endpoint for personal use, and wanted to ask a few clarifying questions:

If I understand it correctly, the POST v1/ihosts endpoint is how hosts are added, and corresponds to the post/ _do_post commands in this file:

Related to this particular file:

  *   When the host is set to action state HAS_REINSTALLING, is this to reinstall the base .iso (unconfigured, but of the correct kind)? If not, what is this responsible for doing? If so, when does this trigger on the added host?
  *   Where can I find this file/other API related files in the filesystem?

More generally:

  *   If I'm adding controller-1 on an edge cloud, the pxeboot step handles both unconfigured .iso installation, followed immediately by the bootstrap (using the same overrides as controller-0(?)). Are these two separate in any way, or handled by a single config? Is this different from the central cloud, since the bootstrap override file isn't ever present on an edge cloud machine
  *   Is there a mechanism to avoid pxe-booting while still having a host as part of the inventory (is this just host-add)?
  *   Is there a way to run the bootstrap on the second host without pxebooting/ reinstalling the base .iso in the process?

I'm aware that this is not supported/ tested, but any help on any of the above questions would be greatly appreciated.
(I am also aware of the INSTALL_UUID potentially presenting an issue, but if any of the above are possible that would be great to know.)

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