[Starlingx-discuss] [build][meetings] Build team meeting minutes 11/08/2018

Lara, Cesar cesar.lara at intel.com
Thu Nov 8 21:41:34 UTC 2018

Build team meeting minutes

Agenda 11/08/2018

- Cengn mirror follow up
- Build system proposal and tools
- TL and repos owned by Build team
- Planning for next release

Saul, Jason, Scott, Ken, Memo, Erich, Mario, Victor, Cesar

Cengn Mirror - Rpms are completed and available in the Cengn mirror posted as yum repository, we now have a way to create them and update them to make those available to the community.
We are now focusing on next steps for our hosting infrastructure, builds generated at Cengn and ISO files posted as well as a mechanism to archive older versions, once we are over with that, we might want to start looking into optimizations for the current tools used for managing these processes.
Things to be considered for the next phase of the builds: Separation of the OS layer versus the flock services and the containerization of these services, hardening of the current implementation to make it more robust, reliable and secure.
Hosting details for the Cengn mirror: we have a bare metal server with enough space for the mirror RPMs and possibly hosting of ISO files, we need to decide the cadence for those. The evolution of this service is coming to us and we are going to be hosted on a K8 cluster with a Ceph storage backend so we don't have a hard dependency on direct attached storage.
While we decide the cadence and the how's of the CI/CD system for StarlingX builds, we will generate an ISO file manually based on the 2018.10 release branch so we can make it available to the community for the OpenStack summit.
We will sync up with the CI/CD spec already being created by WindRiver and will share a high level architecture and tools that Intel is using for our CI/CD so we can compare notes and come up with a solid plan for implementation on our Cengn server deployment.
For the generation of the 2018.10 ISO we will conduct an audit to make sure to include only the packages that were part of the release branch.

- Build system proposals and tools - see attached presentation, we had a great discussions on the details of this proposal, and had a level set of what we have today and some of the requirements and the how engineers are using the different pieces inside WindRiver so we can that those to account when building the proposed tools. We will be discussing details on the mailing list.

- TL and repos owned by Build team, Erich and Yong will be added to the repositories owned by build team stx-root, stx-manifests, stx-integ.

- Opens: we need a "best known method" for handling conflicts with dependent PRs and their packages so we avoid broken builds, Jason to post some options to mailing list.


Cesar Lara
Software Engineering Manager
OpenSource Technology Center

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