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Peters, Matt Matt.Peters at windriver.com
Fri Nov 9 02:16:47 UTC 2018

Hello Shuicheng,
I think it should be fine to remove it from the controller host, but it should be verified in all system configurations.

Regards, Matt

From: "Lin, Shuicheng" <shuicheng.lin at intel.com>
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 7:18 PM
To: "Peters, Matt" <Matt.Peters at windriver.com>
Subject: RE: openstack-neutron-openvswitch

Hi Matt,
Yes, I am referring to the filter file in stx-metal.
I am doing code refactor now for openvswitch package. Here is the story:

I prefer to remove openstack-neutron-openvswitch from controller node. Is it ok?

Best Regards

From: Peters, Matt [mailto:Matt.Peters at windriver.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2018 9:27 PM
To: Lin, Shuicheng <shuicheng.lin at intel.com>
Subject: Re: openstack-neutron-openvswitch

Hello Shuicheng,
I’m assuming you are referring to the filter_out_xxx files in stx-metal.
Packages listed in these files are *excluded* from the installation for that personality.  Therefore this package will not be included on the storage hosts, but will be included on all other hosts (controller, compute, etc).

Regards, Matt

From: "Lin, Shuicheng" <shuicheng.lin at intel.com<mailto:shuicheng.lin at intel.com>>
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 3:16 AM
To: "Peters, Matt" <Matt.Peters at windriver.com<mailto:Matt.Peters at windriver.com>>
Subject: openstack-neutron-openvswitch

Hi Matt,
I find package openstack-neutron-openvswitch is filtered for storage node only.
Does controller node need it?
I ask this question, because I thought openvswitch is installed in compute node only.
But due to openstack-neutron-openvswitch requires openvswitch, so openvswitch is installed in controller node currently.

Best Regards

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