[Starlingx-discuss] Build broken - utils-linux package fails to build with commit

McKenna, Jason Jason.McKenna at windriver.com
Fri Nov 9 15:46:37 UTC 2018

Sorry for the noise, I now see that a Launchpad has already been created, and a fix proposed.


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] Build broken - utils-linux package fails to build with commit

Hi StarlingX,

Build is currently broken due in the utils-linux package.

The following commit removes the shadow-utils build, and refactors it as a config-only package (which is a desirable thing) https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612897/

The issue is that another package, utils-linux, relies on a file (pam.d/su) which was living in the shadow-utils source directory.  Removing the shadow-utils directory therefore breaks the build of utils-linux package.  As a side note, I agree that the utils-linux package should not be relying on stuff in other packages, but that's another topic...

My bigger question is in regards to testing the commit.  I would expect the build tools to detect the change in the inputs to utils-linux and attempt to recompile the source rpm (which would fail).  Is it possible that the addition and build of the new shadow-utils-config package was tested in an environment which did not incorporate the removal of shadow-utils?

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