[Starlingx-discuss] Using %{_bindir} for executables in specfiles

Saul Wold sgw at linux.intel.com
Mon Nov 12 09:19:08 UTC 2018


I noticed something today when I was reviewing one of the refactor 
patches and it got me thinking (which is never a good thing when 

Why don't we use the RPM macro %{_bindir} which is /usr/bin by default?

I did a quick grep in the spec files and patches for spec files and 
found that we current use systemctl, /bin/systemctl and 
/usr/bin/systemctl.  Not all OSes have a /bin/systemctl, so this might 
fail later.

I am going to recommend that we have a standard of using the RPM macros 
when calling executables inside of RPM Spec files so that we have some 

I am not saying we should to a mass find/replace right now, but as we 
touch/update move to a consistent format, this will help later with 

If needed we can get a specification written around this concept.

Thoughts, flames?


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