[Starlingx-discuss] DHCP Related Patches

Penney, Don Don.Penney at windriver.com
Thu Oct 4 23:51:41 UTC 2018

Here's the original commit message for dhclient-restrict-interfaces-to-command-line.patch. There was an issue with leases expiring, causing interfaces to lose their IP addresses, which in turn caused various issues due to the loss of comms:

Author: Allain Legacy <allain.legacy at windriver.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 5 14:36:47 2016 -0500

    dhclient: restrict interfaces to those on command line only

    By default, the dhclient process does not respect the list of interfaces
    supplied at the command line.  It configures any interfaces found to be
    specified in the config file.  Since we customize options for each interface in
    our config file and run a separate dhclient process for each interface we end
    up with multiple dhclient processes that each service all interfaces.  This is
    undesirable because it is possible that a request is sent by process A but
    received by process B.  This leads to lease expiry events even though a valid
    request packet was returned by the server.

    This change introduces a "--restrict-interfaces" option to the dhclient process
    to force it to ignore all interfaces in config files other than those specified
    at the command line.

    To activate this change our busybox version of ifup/ifdown has been modified to
    pass the "--restrict-interfaces" to dhclient as well as to request that each
    process use its own lease file to avoid file corruption.

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HI Brent,

There are currently 6 DHCP related patches specifically to the client code.

We have already determined that 2 of those patches the NSUPDATE 
protection could be removed, 2 seem to be StarlingX spceific but 
replaced with a enter-hook scripts provided in another patch. 1 is a 

  - Remove these 2
  - Can these be removed as the functionality is now added via the 
dhclient-enter-hooks script?

  - This is a backport, which will be available when CentOS updates to 
the newer version.

  - Can this be moved to the dhclient-enter-hooks?

  - This seems to be adding functionality, in order to restrict the 
dhclient to only be active on one interface. There is no commit message 
for this one, or is there a way to refactor this?  Is this a bug in 
dhclient?  Was it ever filled or commented on in the DHCP mailing list?


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