[Starlingx-discuss] DHCP Related Patches

Saul Wold sgw at linux.intel.com
Fri Oct 5 00:40:13 UTC 2018

On 10/04/2018 04:51 PM, Penney, Don wrote:
> Here's the original commit message for dhclient-restrict-interfaces-to-command-line.patch. There was an issue with leases expiring, causing interfaces to lose their IP addresses, which in turn caused various issues due to the loss of comms:
Thanks Don,

Was this reported anywhere?  I am trying to ensure I follow any trails 
that have already been started.


> Author: Allain Legacy <allain.legacy at windriver.com>
> Date:   Tue Jan 5 14:36:47 2016 -0500
>      dhclient: restrict interfaces to those on command line only
>      By default, the dhclient process does not respect the list of interfaces
>      supplied at the command line.  It configures any interfaces found to be
>      specified in the config file.  Since we customize options for each interface in
>      our config file and run a separate dhclient process for each interface we end
>      up with multiple dhclient processes that each service all interfaces.  This is
>      undesirable because it is possible that a request is sent by process A but
>      received by process B.  This leads to lease expiry events even though a valid
>      request packet was returned by the server.
>      This change introduces a "--restrict-interfaces" option to the dhclient process
>      to force it to ignore all interfaces in config files other than those specified
>      at the command line.
>      To activate this change our busybox version of ifup/ifdown has been modified to
>      pass the "--restrict-interfaces" to dhclient as well as to request that each
>      process use its own lease file to avoid file corruption.
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> HI Brent,
> There are currently 6 DHCP related patches specifically to the client code.
> We have already determined that 2 of those patches the NSUPDATE
> protection could be removed, 2 seem to be StarlingX spceific but
> replaced with a enter-hook scripts provided in another patch. 1 is a
> backport
> dhclient-disable-NSUPDATE.patch
> support-disable-nsupdate.patch
>    - Remove these 2
> dhclient-handle-wrs-install-uuid.patch
> dhclient-dhcp6-wrs-install-uuid.patch
>    - Can these be removed as the functionality is now added via the
> dhclient-enter-hooks script?
> dhclient-ipv6-bind-to-interface.patch
>    - This is a backport, which will be available when CentOS updates to
> the newer version.
> dhclient-ipv6-conditionally-set-hostname.patch
>    - Can this be moved to the dhclient-enter-hooks?
> dhclient-restrict-interfaces-to-command-line.patch
>    - This seems to be adding functionality, in order to restrict the
> dhclient to only be active on one interface. There is no commit message
> for this one, or is there a way to refactor this?  Is this a bug in
> dhclient?  Was it ever filled or commented on in the DHCP mailing list?
> Thanks
>      Sau!
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