[Starlingx-discuss] Question about neutron connectivity-test error

Perez Carranza, Jose jose.perez.carranza at intel.com
Thu Oct 18 20:39:16 UTC 2018


When I run command "neutron providernet-connectivity-test-list" I received an error --> "Provider network testing is not supported in this configuration.". Is there any specific configuration that I should apply to my controller or provider network? 



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> Subject: Help on shared vCPU usage
> Hi
> I'm trying to execute scenario 206 [1] that indicates that I need to launch
> instance with a flavor with "hw:wrs:shared_vcpu", I created a flavor with
> "hw:wrs:shared_vcpu=1" but at the moment of create the instance below
> error is displayed.. Is there any extra config or parameter that I need to apply
> before creating the instance ?
> Error (Duplex Bare-Metal):
> ======
> No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available. controller-0:
> (NUMATopologyFilter) Shared vCPU not enabled on host cell 1, required by
> instance cell 0, Shared vCPU not enabled on host cell 0, required by instance
> cell 0, controller-1: (NUM =====
> 1- https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/stx.2018.10_Testplan_Instructions
> Regards,
> José

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