[Starlingx-discuss] Why am I don't download hundreds of package in the step: "bash download_mirror.sh"

Zhao, Longqian longqian.zhao at intel.com
Fri Oct 19 10:34:25 UTC 2018

Hi, when I install environment about StarlingX. My problem is following phenomenon:

1.Firstly, I follow the steps as required:
          a. sudo apt-get update
          b. Installation Requirements and Dependencies
          c. Install Public SSH Key
          d. Install stx-tools project
          e. Create a Workspace Directory
          f. Setup Repository Docker Container

2. When I exec the step:  "Download Packages"
         g. docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> /bin/bash
         h. bash download_mirror.sh

3. Through below two steps, Finally, I have hundreds of package in the  L1_failmoved_url_centos.log. I have put this file in the attachment.

4. I hope you can help me slove this problem I have spend in 20 days.

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