[Starlingx-discuss] Why am I don't download hundreds of package from the Internet?

Jones, Bruce E bruce.e.jones at intel.com
Fri Oct 19 18:18:33 UTC 2018

Hello Longqian.

What you are seeing is normal and expected behavior.  StarlingX is built from many open source components and to build it, you have to be able to satisfy all of the build dependencies for all of them.  That's what the download_mirror.sh script does.

Unfortunately the script downloads a _lot_ of packages, from an open source eco-system that is constantly changing.  We monitor the script and update it daily but you may still find issues.

Please contact Cindy Xie who leads the Intel Shanghai team for StarlingX.  Someone on her team can work with you to get you past the issues you are hitting.

Long term we are working on build system improvements that will address this issue.


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Hi, my problem is following phenomenon:

1.Firstly, I follow the steps as required:
          a. sudo apt-get update
          b. Installation Requirements and Dependencies
          c. Install Public SSH Key
          d. Install stx-tools project
          e. Create a Workspace Directory
          f. Setup Repository Docker Container

2. When I exec the step:  "Download Packages"
         g. docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> /bin/bash
         h. bash download_mirror.sh

3. Through below two steps, Finally, I have hundreds of package in the  L1_failmoved_url_centos.log. I have put this file in the attachment.

4. I hope you can help me slove this problem I have spend in 20 days.
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