[Starlingx-discuss] Docker image list

Li, Cheng1 cheng1.li at intel.com
Mon Jun 24 06:42:08 UTC 2019

Hello Starlingxer,

As you know many docker images are pulled during starlingx deployment. It may be fast to pull all these images in America, but it's very slow in China.
To speed up starlingx deployment, I have set up a private docker registry for which I sync images every night from upstream registries by cron job.
I installed starlingx without using my private docker registry so that I can get the upstream docker image list. Every item in the list is synced every day.

This works fine except that the docker image list changes sometimes. In this case, I would have to collect the image list by deploying without using private docker registry, which is very slow.
So I wonder if it's possible to publish the docker image list file together with ISO and tarball on CENGN. I know we do sanity tests for each ISO, maybe we can run 'docker images' in sanity test to collect the docker image list?


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