[Starlingx-discuss] DUPLEX/BM: volume mysql-data not mounted and some volumes are unattached

Marcel Schaible marcel at schaible-consulting.de
Wed May 8 16:19:13 UTC 2019


I am using the Image from 20190429 and after some struggling to get it up and running I am seeing now the following error in /var/daemon.log:

2019-05-08T18:13:26.617 controller-0 kubelet[10395]: info E0508 18:13:26.617407   10395 pod_workers.go:190] Error syncing pod 81a0d9c3-71a1-11e9-b537-ec9ecd1f7eb0 ("mariadb-server-2_default(81a0d9c3-71a1-11e9-b537-ec9ecd1f7eb0)"), skipping: timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach or mount for pod "default"/"mariadb-server-2". list of unmounted volumes=[mysql-data]. list of unattached volumes=[mysql-data mycnfd mariadb-bin mariadb-etc mariadb-secrets listening-dragon-mariadb-token-7tbpp]

It looks like that some volumes where not mounted and some are not attached:

Any idea how to fix that?



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