[Starlingx-discuss] ansible deployment for duplex/standard

Poncea, Ovidiu Ovidiu.Poncea at windriver.com
Thu May 23 10:20:56 UTC 2019

On controller-0 you need to delete the loopback interface and then configure the other nets on ctrl-0 with something like:

system host-if-modify controller-0 lo -c none
system host-if-modify controller-0 enp0s3 -c platform --networks oam
system host-if-modify controller-0 enp0s8 -c platform --networks mgmt
system host-if-modify controller-0 enp0s8 -c platform --networks cluster-host
system host-addr-list controller-0

The rest of the process is identical on the other nodes.

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I wonder if anyone can help me on the ansible deployment for duplex/standard.

I installed ISO (about 0519) on vms and run ansible with my yml file as below, but the 2nd controller failed to be installed via pxe.
After checked controller0, I found that mgmt network is configured to lo.
But use “config_controller --force" everything’s ok.

Am I doing anything wrong with the yml file?
There’s no instruction on WIKI for duplex + ansible yet. (?)

system_mode: duplex




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