[Starlingx-discuss] StarlingX QAT validation progress

Zhao, ShuaiX shuaix.zhao at intel.com
Thu May 23 12:40:34 UTC 2019

Hi StarlingX Team :

               Regarding upgrade qat driver to latest version for CentOS 7.6. After the successful QAT transplant,
we found that the current STX Temporarily unable to achieve perfect device passthrough operation.
Through continuous trials, we have found a way to achieve device passthrough method.
we hope to be able to help with the current device Passthrough test task..
Currently updated in Ricardo's documentation. Welcome your review.

Thx. - Neusoft Dalian ODC Intel Team

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Subject: RE: StarlingX QAT validation progress

Thanks Ricardo. Haitao and Shuai will follow up with you for the progress we've made from China side.

Thx. - cindy

From: Perez, Ricardo O
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Subject: StarlingX QAT validation progress

Hi super StarlingX team,

In the following document, you can find the progress about QAT + StarlingX validation in a 2+2 system.

Overall, some blockers that we have been facing to get more progress is the stability of the latest ISOs. However, we have at least executed 4 successfully test cases:


Verify that QAT PCIe module doesn't generate any StarlingX installation issue


Verify that QAT module can be listed via lsmod


Verify that QAT driver / service is up and running


Verify newly added system inventory commands to support crypto device

For all the details about the remaining test cases, expected coverage, and results, please take a look here:


Also feel free to add any comment / input related to such tests that you might consider important to improve them.

Thanks in advance
-Ricardo (a.k.a. Richo)
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