[Starlingx-discuss] Multi OS meeting agenda 5/27/19

Victor Rodriguez vm.rod25 at gmail.com
Mon May 27 15:41:43 UTC 2019

Hi team

Summary of the meeting : 5/27/19


·      Specification for directory layout:

o   https://review.opendev.org/#/c/634074/

·      OpenSUSE status:

o   Current status: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/board/144

o   OpenSUSE creates a cloud repo to hold the RPMS:

o   Victor: What is the status of Documentation (wiki):

§  Backlog How can we set up our own OBS infrastructure

§  Backlog Demo for next week from Marcela about how to build with OSC for

§  Backlog Can we add to the backlog the documentation of the build graph
dependency of the flock services?

o   With the current effort from openSUSE, please help to this storyboard:

§  Backlog Normalize rpm spec file for all StarlingX projects

o   Yocto ( will give an update in few weeks )

§  Not sure if we will need an extra directory layout for yocto at the same
level of centos/debian/opensuse on the flock services

o   Mirror tool status:

§  Backlog Currently on hold but will be review if is R2 deliverable

§  Status is at 80% of competition

Victor Rodriguez

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