[Starlingx-discuss] Minutes: StarlingX Release Meeting - May 23/2019

Khalil, Ghada Ghada.Khalil at windriver.com
Tue May 28 21:46:53 UTC 2019

Agenda/Minutes are posted at:

Release meeting agenda / notes May 23 2019

stx.2.0 Status:
- Upcoming Milestones:
      - MS-3: June 14
      - Feature Test Complete: July 8

- stx.2.0 Dev Updates for MS-3
      - Containerized Openstack services - Prime: Frank
             - Code Merge: June 6  >> June 14 (with exceptions for cleanup stories)
             - Overall 47 stx2.0 SBs of which 28 have merged/been accepted
             Remaining items:
             - 19 SBs have not yet merged & been accepted:
             - 3 are completed and will be accepted after some initial soak/test in next week
             - 3 expected to complete by May 31 (Ironic, docker image updates)
             - 5 expected to complete by June 7 (OVS, integration SBs)
             - 1 expected to complete by June 14 (final helm chart overrides for nova and storage)
             - 3 are cleanup/code removal SBs and may go into late June but are low risk tasks
             - 4 are candidates to move to R3 (Containerization of Clients, Fault; remainder of CPU manager static policy, Backup and Restore with Containers)
                 - [brucej] FM containerization is in progress - 6 reviews out, 2 have merged.  Horizon and fix to an NFV bug not yet posted
                 - Action: Frank to make a submission proposal on the above 4 stories that won't make it by June 14 >> what code is allowed in master before RC1? Don't want code that would invalidate testing already done
                    - Containerization of clients/fault can be deferred to R3 as the services would continue to run on the host
                    - CPU Manager Static Policy is an enhancement ...can be deferred to R3 as well
                    - Only Backup & Restore with containers will introduce a "reduction" in functionality relative to stx.1.0 - Swag completion: End of July
                 - Brent (containers TL) agreed with decision to defer above content.

      - Integrate Containerized OVS - Prime: Forrest
             - Code Merge: April 5 (first merge) >> June 7
             Remaining items: June 7
             - Build a docker image with ovs 2.11 instead of using the default ovs container which has 2.8

      - Anisble Deployment - Prime: Dariush
             - Code Merge: May 17 >> June 7; move has no impact on testing
             Remaining items: June 7
             - SDK - code in, but need some packaging
             - Cleanup
      - Openstack Patch Elimination - Prime: Bruce
             - Code Merge: ??     99% complete.  We are running Stein/stable from May 5th.  We might rebase to the latest - TBD.  There is a bit of work left to do on the Test team.
             Remaining items:
             - We have a few work items still outstanding. The main one is to integrate the separate Placement service.  See https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1827692 and https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2005750.
             - Gating Items before declaring the feature done:
             - Update to use the external Placement service (instead of the embedded code in nova) -- Fcst: ??  (scoping in progress)
                      - This is required to enable future updates
             - NUMA-Aware Live Migration Feature: The code is ready, but there are generic failrues in zuul. Gerry cannot look at those until after June 14. 
                    - This can be re-assigned to someone else. Action: Bruce to discuss with Dean.
             - Rebase to latest stein. Action: Dean to make recommendation

      - Openstack Rebase - Prime: Frank
             - Code Merge: June 6 >> May 31 (likely sooner)
             Remaining items:
             - Point horizon and openstackclient to stein instead of master.  Done on May 22 
             - Remove neutron fork >> in progress. Expect to be done next week (May 31)
             - Remove gnocchi fork >> Done
             - Point image builds to opendev instead of github >> in progress. Review is up. Expect to be done this week (May 24)
             - anything else?

- stx.2.0 Test Updates for Feature Test Complete
      - CentOS upgrade to 7.6 - qat driver Upversion - Prime: Ada
             - Feature Tested: May 24 >> May 31  (ok)
             - (ac) Deployment in progress, to be completed on May 31
      - Ceph Upgrade - Prime: Numan
             - Feature Tested: May 29 >> June 7 (ok)
             - (ac) Got a deployment working with May 21 ISO. To be completed on June 7 
      - Containerized Openstack services - Prime: Ada/Numan
             - Feature Tested: July 5 >> ??
             - (ac) Testing re-started. End date under revision, looks like we have a delay of 3 weeks due to the build stability.  Ada looking at alternatives to mitigate delay.
      - Integrate Containerized OVS - Prime: Ada
             - Feature Tested: May 3 >> Jun 14 (ok)
             - (ac) docker ovs 2.11 + 1 week
      - Anisble Deployment - Prime: Numan/Ada
             - Feature Tested: May 24 >> May 31 (Ada confirmed that they are on track so that config_controller can be disabled by May 31)
             - (ac) SX, DX and standard configs working with proxy environment - a patch for fixing standard and external storage has been submitted. External storage pending of testing. Working on automation.
      - Openstack Patch Elimination - Prime: Numan/Ada
             - Feature Tested: July 5 >> ??
             - (ac) In progress.
      - OVS-DPDK Integration Enhancements - Prime: Ada
             - Feature Tested: May 24 >> Jun 7 (ok)
             - (ac) To be done on June 7.

- stx.2.0 Summary
      - Openstack Patch Reduction has no concrete MS-3 yet -- need scoping of nova placement item
      - Feature Test of Containers -- Ada working on mitigation for load stability delays. A push of 3wks would risk other test activities
      - Release Backend Testing -- not flagging risk, but want to evaluate the impacts of the Feature test re-forecasts

- stx.3.0
      - Next step is to start to look at content -- both bottom up (sub-project treams) and top down (TSC priorities)
      - Start by identifying primes for the items discussed in the ptg
      - Need teams to secure their resourcing for stx.2.0 first 

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