[Starlingx-discuss] About task of integrating containerized Nova Placement into StarlingX

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Hi Zhipeng,
Some initial thoughts below...


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] About task of integrating containerized Nova Placement into StarlingX

Hi Gerry,

I'm working on the task of integrating containerized Nova Placement into StarlingX


I really need your guide for the task.

I already had high level understanding for the task.
It should include below steps:
1)            Create new container image for Placement
https://review.opendev.org/#/c/661679   Done

2)            Add Helm Chart related yaml configuration for Placement(need time for detail digest)
Need to move related configuration out of Nova, and add some new configurations
Now, I'm Working on the patch of adding chart for placement
Created below folder
Then I will create related chart yaml files. I mainly refer to the ones in openstack-helm/nova/
[GK] Don't think this should go in starlingx.  Should be with openstack-helm.  Looks like you've got that started with https://review.opendev.org/#/c/662229/.  It would be based on what is in openstack-helm/nova related to placement.
For initial deployment within starlingx, you'll  probably have to add a patch with your changes to:

3) Start placement container in controller and make sure placement service started successfully.
[GK] You'll need to add placement to the armada manifest so it will get started on stx-openstack application-apply.  I would assume it would go with the compute-kit.  See:
Also you'll need to setup up dynamic overrides for placement in sysinv/helm, see nova example:
Placement needs to be included in sysinv generated helm override yaml files and provided as input to armada on application-apply.

4) Do related modification for current Nova yaml file.
   One patch for modifying chart for nova.
[GK] I'm hoping it's possible to turn off the placement capability in openstack-helm/nova via overrides, but maybe a openstack-helm nova chart change will be required.

5) Integrate to starlingx and start separate container. Debug and Sanity test.
[GK] You'll also need to include the placement helm chart in the build helm chart tarball.

It should be OK to finish related patches in next 3 weeks.
But for code review/merge, it may have some risk.

Your comments are appreciated!

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