[Starlingx-discuss] Community Call (Sep 4, 2019)

Zvonar, Bill Bill.Zvonar at windriver.com
Wed Sep 4 15:53:50 UTC 2019

Notes from today's meeting...

- standing topics
    - any reviews that need attention? -- nothing this week
    - repo restructuring - temporary freeze on addition of any new packages (re: Scott's email http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-August/005852.html
    - restructuring is happening *now* - please don't approve any reviews until Scott is done, some time later today likely 
- sanity - any reds since last call? -- nope 
- any unanswered calls for assistance on the mailing list? 
    - Yatindra question about DNS http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-September/005860.html
    - Ghada will forward this to Forrest to have a look 

- 2.0 release!
    - see Ghada's email http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-September/005881.html
    - the press release is here: https://www.openstack.org/news/view/436/starlingx-community-delivers-20-release-featuring-cloudnative-kubernetes-platform-and-containerized-openstack-stein

- 2.0 maintenance release
    - Current Target: the week of Sept 30 
    - r/stx.2.0 branch open for cherrypick for High priority bugs tagged for stx.2.0
    - Bug Query: https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bugs?field.tag=stx.2.0
    - Current bug count: 15
    - Process: Address issue in master, wait for green sanity on master (and retest if required), cherrypick review to r/stx.2.0

- 3.0 milestone-2 
    - require feature plan dates, see http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-September/005887.html 
    - Distributed Cloud [In, Dariush Eslimi]
        - tbd, will provide plan date soon
    - Backup & Restore with containers [In, Frank Miller]
    - Containerized Openstack clients [In, Frank Miller]
    - Fault Containerization [In, Frank Miller]
    - Upversion K8s and dependencies [In, Frank Miller]
        - probably not finalized until Monday, but can put in ~half now
    - Upversion Openstack to Train [In, Bruce Jones/Yong Hu]
        - is just a matter of switching over to this - Yong/Bruce to provide plan date in next couple of days 
    - Intel GPU support for K8s [In, Cindy Xie]
        - all patches have been uploaded 
    - Intel QAT support for K8s [In, Cindy Xie]
        - not started yet - Cindy will provide a date next week
    - IPv6 support for PXE boot network [In, TBD] 
        - ?
    - TSN Support in VM [In, Forrest Zhao]
        - per Cindy, this is just a recipe, there's no code change, just need to make a plan for Feature Test 
    - R2 >> R3 Upgrades [In, Dariush Eslimi]
        - Redfish Support [In, Dariush Eslimi]
        - in progress, will provide update
    - Infrastructure & Cluster Monitoring [In, Dariush Eslimi]
        - code is mostly in, will provide update 
    - Layered Build [In, Frank Miller]
        - part 1 is happening now; the layered build is a separate step - working on the plan (build meeting tomorrow)
    - Support remote auth via OIDC / OAUTH2 for K8s API [In, Ghada Khalil]
        - it's done, ready for Feature Test 
    - Sysvinit >> systemd Conversion/Cleanup [Ongoing, Saul Wold]
        - it's ongoing, on a component by component basis, no feature test per se 
    - Performance Testing/Measurement Framework [Ongoing, Bruce Jones/Victor]
        - spec is out, working on testcases; working with Ada's team on this (i.e. collaborating)
    - Multi-OS Support [Prep, Abraham Arce / Saul Wold]
        - per Saul, this is ongoing - will stop at Milestone-3, no feature test 
    - Intel FPGA support for K8s [Prep, Ghada Khalil]
        - per Ghada, we have the H/W now - proposing to complete at Milestone-3, however far we are, no feature test in 3.0
    - Containerize Ceph [TBD, Vivian Zhu]
        - per Cindy, they've started this - will strive to complete by Milestone-3 - if not done, will move to 4.0 - will engage with Ada on plan for feature test 
    - Containerize OVS-DPDK [TBD, Forrest Zhao]
        - tbd - Ghada will check in on this in the networking meeting
    - Flock Versioning [Under review, Saul Wold]
        - per Saul, will be updated today, feels like it's converging 
    - Python 2-3 transition
        - per Cindy, we're doing prep work in 3.0 - there are ~3 packages that need to be dealt w/ now - no need for feature test, just sanity/regression 

- StarlingX review bandwidth planning (Miguel/Ildiko/Ian)
    - per Ian, this came out of discussions from Release 2 planning -- how can we use 'review capacity' to gauge the Community's readiness to deliver a release 
    - Miguel discussed his experience from Neutron
        - core reviewers' bandwidth is a big concern in many other projects -- some have tried ways to address this
        - when we approve a spec, we assign the core reviewer(s) for that spec 
        - want specialized reviewers, more so than general purpose reviewers
        - the core reviewer is going to be reponsible for helping to get all of the commits for that spec/blueprint merged 
        - usually they try to limit this to 2 or 3 specs per reviewers, unless they're small specs
        - they don't have a 'feature freeze' per se 
        - seems to be working well -- they are able to get all commits merged for the specs they have planned for 
        - they also focus on 'renewing' the core reviewers, so they're not left short as people cycle out of the core reviewer role 
    - per Ildiko re: Nova - they also focus on planning their review capacity

- Gerrit outage for project renames - Sep 16 @1400 UTC 
    - this is a Monday, check here for the time where you are https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190916T1400
    - see Clark Boyan email http://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2019-September/005879.html

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Hi all - reminder of the Community Call tomorrow. 

Topics on the agenda include... 

- 2.0 declaration!

- 3.0 planning - Milestone 3 

- StarlingX review bandwidth planning 

- repo restructuring

Please feel free to add topics on the etherpad [0].


[0] etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-status
[1] call details: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Starlingx/Meetings#7am_PDT_.2F_1400_UTC_-_Community_Call
[2] meeting start time in various time-zones: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190904T1400

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