[Starlingx-discuss] Fail to change config of nova-compute container

胡天昊 hu.tianhao at 99cloud.net
Fri Sep 6 06:12:57 UTC 2019

Hi guys,

Recently I got a problem when I try to change config of nova-compute.After run the the following command :

system helm-override-update six-openstack nova openstack --value nova.yml
system application-apply six-openstack

I find that config of every container about nova(just like nova-conductor and nova-scheduler) has changed except nova-compute. Here is my nova.yml file.
      images_type: rbd
I can find 'images_type: rbd' in /etc/nova/nova.conf in every container about nova but in nova-compute I just find 'images_type: default'.
My system is virtual standard with controller storage r2.0 following the guide(https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/current/virtual_controller_storage.html).
I don't understand why this happened. Can anyone give me some help?

Hu Tianhao

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