[Starlingx-discuss] BUG "After stopping vswitch service no alarm is generated Edit"

Wensley, Barton Barton.Wensley at windriver.com
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The disable_worker_services file was originally created to prevent the (bare metal) nova-compute services from running on a newly upgraded controller in an AIO-DX configuration, until we swacted to that controller. This was necessary because nova does not support communication between a newer version of nova-compute and older versions of nova-conductor. This situation no longer exists because the bare metal nova-compute services do not exist after our transition to containers.

Unfortunately, the disable_worker_services file was also used when we first switched to containers, as a quick and dirty way of disabling the bare metal OpenStack services (this is done in the stx-puppet/puppet-manifests/src/modules/platform/manifests/kubernetes.pp). By always creating this file it caused the missing alarm issue in the bug you are working on.

I think the proper solution here is to remove all references to the disable_worker_services file from the codebase - this flag is no longer needed. This would also include removing the worker_services init script, which is also unnecessary.


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Subject: Re: [Starlingx-discuss] BUG "After stopping vswitch service no alarm is generated Edit"


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Subject: [Starlingx-discuss] BUG "After stopping vswitch service no alarm is generated Edit"

Hi  All,

After investigating the cause, I find if the file(at /var/run/.disable_worker_services) exists, then the process monitor will ignore these process that the subfunction type is worker.

I have several questions about this bug.

•         Why is the file(disable_worker_services) always generated?  When will it be deleted?

•         What is the difference between worker type and last-config type?  (the type of subfunction)

•         Can I use last-config type instead of worker type?  (These two are very similar)
I would be grateful if you can give me some advice.

The detail as below:

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