[Starlingx-discuss] openSUSE: sm-db build failure

Arce Moreno, Abraham abraham.arce.moreno at intel.com
Wed Sep 25 15:58:52 UTC 2019

Thanks Dominig,

> OpenSUSE is pretty strict when it comes to the quality of the code which gets
> in their repo and enforce some compiler warnings to to upgraded as error.
> There are several ways to correct those issues:
> 1) fix the problem in the source
> The best and prefer option is to fix the code. These type errors can induce
> nasty side effect and often are easy to correct.
> 2) change the compiler option
> In the make file, select the the required option to ignore the error. If there is
> no warning from the compiler, OpenSUSE will assume (rightly or
> wrongly) that you know what you do and you had no choose in keeping such
> ugliness.

Yes, if I remove -Werror flag under CCFLAGS in src/Makefile, rpm gets generated.

> 3) use rpmlinrc
> rpmlint calculate an ugliness marking and if you pass the threshold it fails the
> package. You can change the ugliness marks allocated to certain type of
> errors.
> It's often easier to go around the issue, when possible (not for all warning
> type) but as bad as solution 2).

I do not know about this tool, I will learn about it.
> Conclusion.
> ------------------
> It's often not longer to fix the code once for all.
> That is the prefer route.

Let me give second review to go for option one.

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