[Starlingx-discuss] openSUSE: sm-db build failure

Arce Moreno, Abraham abraham.arce.moreno at intel.com
Wed Sep 25 16:02:22 UTC 2019

Thanks Bin,

> I am wondering there is something not right in your build environment. The
> SmTimerIdT is defined as:
> typedef int64_t SmTimerIdT;
> in sm_timer.h [1] patch set 1..3, which is part of the sm-common lib.
> There are multiple printf statements in sm-common lib that use the formater
> "%li" such as [2], line 150, 201. I don't expect you see the same errors from
> sm-common build, or otherwise the sm-db won't start building as it needs
> sm-common.

I am using container and virtual machine (vagrant) as development environments
in a Ubuntu workstation.

> Based on the error message in your first email, apparently the SmTimerIdT
> was "int" ('SmTimerIdT {aka int}'). That was the code before my commit
> "Enhance timer system to avoid double deregister".  [1] line 23 on the
> "base".

Let me check again, I have repeated the process to confirm I am really using upstream
code with our openSUSE HA specfiles.

> I would suggest you verify the sm_timer.h to see if it include the changes in
> [1], and possibly clean up your build environment to see if it helps.
> If your sm-common build also encountered the same errors, you may want
> to verify the size of int64_t on your build environment, it is expected to be 8-
> byte integer.

I will... thanks!

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