[Starlingx-discuss] Upcoming TSC and PL/TL elections

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko.vancsa at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 14:45:17 UTC 2021

Hi StarlingX Community,

It is a friendly reminder that the time for the fall election[1] period is coming up fast and therefore we need to start planning the process.

We need to decide on timeframe for the elections. For TSC we have a nomination, a campaign and a voting period, while for PL/TL elections we have a nomination and a voting period defined officially.

We are looking for a 3-week timeframe in the fall that doesn’t collide with any major holidays or milestones in the release process.

We also plan to run an interim TSC election period this time around as we have 5 seats for the TSC and the terms of the current 3 members are up[2] in H2, 2021. We will run the regular election period to (re)elect these positions and we will also run an interim election to fill the remaining 2 seats for a half year period to grow the group back to the desired number and to support the staggered election process. The interim elections need separate dates to avoid confusions with the regular process.

Please think about your preference about the election process to make sure that people are available to submit nominations as well as to be able to vote in the election process.

If you have any questions or comments please reply to this thread or reach out to the election officials[3].


[1] https://docs.starlingx.io/election/
[2] https://docs.starlingx.io/governance/reference/tsc/index.html
[3] https://docs.starlingx.io/election/#election-officials

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