[Starlingx-discuss] Minutes: StarlingX Release Meeting - Aug 25/2021

Khalil, Ghada Ghada.Khalil at windriver.com
Wed Aug 25 23:40:52 UTC 2021

Agenda/Minutes are posted at:

- References:
      - Release Planning Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13p0BMlBgJXUVForOFsblAJq9jA1-FMBlmhV5TIc70IE/edit#gid=1107209846
      - Test Planning: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lfm073XaFGxHZSAf0RPS1DGK6QCReO9u

- MS-2 is planned for this week
      - Everything looks in order to declare the milestone as per plan. Details are below.
      - Agreed to declare MS2 this week based on review on the info below.

- Feature Planning
      - Latest Code Merged Date is: Oct 28 (excluding prep features)  / Planned MS3 Date: Oct 4
           - 6 features out of 16 have a Code Merge date > Oct 4  (i.e. 38% of features)
           - Proposal: Move the MS3 Date to Oct 28 to reflect the actual feature plans 
                  - Proposal Accepted
      - Latest Feature Tested Date is: Dec 9 for DC Scaling & Nov 23 for others / Planned Feature Tested MS (MS3+2wks): Oct 18
           - Proposal: 
                  - Consider DC Scaling Feature Test as an exception; testing is ongoing from now. 
                  - Adjust Feature Test Complete to Nov 22 to reflect the actual feature plans. 
                        - As per Michiel Seuren (Test PL), these are the dates that the team can meet.
                  - Proposal Accepted. Note: The scaling is a target and will not hold up the stx release
           - Note: Even based on the latest Code Merged Date, the Feature Tested Dates are more than 2wks beyond that date. 
                  - Proposal: Consider expanding that duration when planning for stx.7.0 from 2wks to 4wks to better align w/ historic release data.
- Release Regression
      - Key Dates for MS-2:
                  - Regression       Start:  Plan: Oct 25   / Forecast: same
                  - Regression       Complete: Plan: Nov 15   / Forecast: same
      - From Michiel
                  - plan is to continue with the above Regression Test Dates. This will allow us to keep the current YE Release Date for stx.6.0
                        - Note: Regression and Feature Test will overlap
                  - Regression will be executed by both the WR and Intel teams
                        - Alex (Intel) indicated that they are pulling in resources from China to help with the regression testing. They are also migrating their Robot regression tests to Pytest (less than half done).
                  - Intel's goal is also to go back to running sanity daily instead of one configuration/day.
- Blog Posts / Doc Collateral
      - Agreed to add as a checklist item for MS-3
      - Responsibility is with the Feature PLs to make a recommendation whether their feature warrants a blog post and provide the material
      - Status: Complete. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StarlingX/Release_Plan#Release_Milestones updated

- Maintenance Release is needed due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1940696/
      - Required fixes are posted in r/stx.5.0 for review
           - https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/platform-armada-app/+/805812
           - https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/ansible-playbooks/+/805813
      - Build team is on standby to start the build process once the above changes are merged.

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