[Starlingx-discuss] Error in adding a subcloud after unlocking the first controller

Kung, John John.Kung at windriver.com
Wed Jun 29 19:51:56 UTC 2022

As this appears to be the first host-unlock attempted on the subcloud; it appears the bootstrap configuration may not have completed yet on the affected subcloud.

There are possibly 'Error' logs under /var/log/puppet.  The following would scan whether a configuration Error may have occurred.
The context around that Error log could provide indications as to which part of the config may encountered an issue.
On the affected subcloud itself:
      cd /var/log/puppet
      sudo grep -rs Error *

I would also recommend comparing the subcloud's ansible-playbook bootstrap parameters and logs (ansible.log on the subcloud/remote site; or on the central cloud system controller under /var/log/dcmanager/ansible) between the passing and failing subcloud.  If the bootstrap parameters require adjustment, it should be possible to update and 'replay' by rerunning the bootstrap playbook.

The following has some debug tips: https://docs.starlingx.io/developer_resources/debug_issues.html . We would recommend a 'collect' of logs from the subcloud and central controller, and to attach the logs and info for a LP: https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bugs

Please advise if further comments or info.



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Dear all,

My team are trying  to install StarlingX 6.0 on a distributed cloud system: our actual configuration  is one central cloud (Bare Metal AIO Duplex) and a subcloud (Bare Metal AIO Duplex). To configure it we follow this doc and everything works fine:

( https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/r6_release/distributed_cloud/index-install-r6-distcloud-46f4880ec78b.html)

Now we are trying  to add another subcloud in a different location (following the same steps needed for the previous subcloud) but after this step (Unlock of controller-0: https://docs.starlingx.io/deploy_install_guides/r6_release/bare_metal/aio_duplex_install_kubernetes.html#unlock-controller-0) we receive the following errors:

  *   sudo: ldap_sasl_bind_s(): Can't contact LDAP server (if run sudo command)
  *   Openstack Admin credentials can only be loaded from the active controller ($if runsource /etc/platform/opensrc)
  *   The connection to the server was refused - did you specify the right host or port? (kubectl command)

Also there is this error message in /var/log/sysinv.log:

sysinv 2022-06-27 12:27:28.254 9676 ERROR sysinv.openstack.common.rpc.common [-] AMQP server on localhost:5672 is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 30 seconds.: error: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED

Let me know if you need more info on the setup/logs. Thanks for your help!

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