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Hey Ildiko,
Thanks for running the meeting.
A lot of people in Ottawa we're without power last night, so could not log in to meeting.
I, personally, had power … but completely forgot about the meeting, DOH … apologies.

Some in-lined comments below …

more inlined responses 🙂

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Hi StarlingX community,

We had a handful of people on the Community call today. We decided to use the meeting to discuss some ongoing challenges and next steps.

Scott Kamp brought up a few items with regards to network configuration recommendations and challenges within the platform:

* Network bond + LAG
  - The documentation suggests 3 networks in a standards setup. This translates to 6 interfaces when setting up a LAG, which is too many.
  - Using VLAN as a workaround doesn’t always work, not every commercial network provider allows for that setup.
Just to be clear … what are the 3x networks we are referring to here ?   oam, mgmt and cluster-host ?

VLANs would be the first approach to reduce the number of physical interfaces.
Alternatively you can also multi-net the networks on the same L2 network.
That is what we typically do in our labs for the mgmt and cluster-host networks.

We're there any other ideas on how to reduce physical interfaces ?
  - There’s an issue with bonding in Debian Bullseye
    + See the earlier email on starlingx-discuss: https://lists.starlingx.io/pipermail/starlingx-discuss/2023-March/013877.html
    + —> Has anyone ran or looked into the above issue? ^^

* Wireguard
  - While Wireguard is enabled on StarlingX, Wireguard tools is not. Scott and team are working on testing and adding it

* Calico support
  - Scott and team are working with Calico and are planning to add that to the platform
  - Scott will propose a spec to introduce the feature idea and move the conversation forward
I don't understand this comment.
StarlingX uses Calico today as its primary/default CNI.

Yes we use calico, however calicoctl is missing from the deployed host environment

* Addressing the lower attendance
  - Wednesday was a public holiday in China, which probably affected attendance on Thursday morning
  - Ildiko will look into advertising the APAC time slot call better in the region
As mentioned above … most people in Ottawa had a power outage due to an ice rain storm.
Although for me … no excuse … I just completely forgot … apologies.


Best Regards,


Ildikó Váncsa
Director of Community
Open Infrastructure Foundation

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