[Starlingx-discuss] Minutes: StarlingX Release Meeting - Apr 12/2023

Khalil, Ghada Ghada.Khalil at windriver.com
Sun Apr 16 17:06:39 UTC 2023

Agenda/Minutes are posted at:

Release Team Meeting - Apr 12 2023

- Release/Feature Planning: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aTjYzUkExodfayt-rjTv466jE-DP8b_YjrTHhXW6G9w/edit?usp=sharing
- Release milestones were adjusted in the PTG.
- Milestone-1 Planned for this week
      - Milestone-1 Criteria
          - Release priorities and major features defined.
          - High level resourcing secured.
          - Blog Post planning starting
      - Agreed to declare Milestone-1 based on feature list in the release/feature planning spreadsheet
- Milestone-2 is scheduled for May 10
      - Action: Feature primes to start populating the feature dates in prep for MS-2

- stx.8.0 release announced on Feb 22.
- stx.8.0 Story Board Cleanup
      - https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/list?status=active&tags=stx.8.0&project_group_id=86
      - 22 stories are still open. Stories continuing in the next release need to have an stx.9.0 tag added. Others should be closed (i.e. remaining tasks updated accordingly)
          - Action: Feature Primes to update stories as needed
- Weekly RC builds
      - Setup complete. Builds running weekly.
- Blogs
      - FEC Device Configurability (fec-operator Integration) for ACC100 & N3000
          - Prime: Balendu (Mouli) Burla
          - Status: Not Confirmed
      - PTP O-RAN Compliant API Notification
          - Prime: Ghada Khalil 
          - Status: Confirmed / Forecast: TBD
      - Platform Single Core Tuning
          - Prime: Guilherme Batista Leite
          - Status: Not Confirmed
      - O-RAN Spec Compliant O2 Interfaces
          - Prime: Litao Gao
          - Status: Confirmed / Available for review
          - Pull Request Posted: https://github.com/StarlingXWeb/starlingx-website/pull/225

- Blogs
      - PTP Enhancements - Multiple NIC Support / SyncE / Various NIC Support - Prime: Ghada Khalil
          - Forecast: mid-Sept >> end-Jan >> end-Apr / Author: Cole Walker
          - Status: Not Started.  Targeting the end of April

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