[Starlingx-discuss] Bi-Weekly StarlingX OS Distro & Multi-OS meeting: Feb 22, 2023

Wang, Linda Linda.Wang at windriver.com
Mon Mar 6 19:55:56 UTC 2023

Feb 22, 2023
Attendees: Steve, Mark, Andre, Scott

1. General Topics
     0.1 Split package list betweeen repositories (ISO and container images)

  *        * AI: Devlet will need to look closely to see if there is. any further improvement needed. (to invite him next time)

  *        * re: how to deal with common packages, should they have the same version of the packages between the repos, etc..

  *   0.2 Log into the git before download the source.

  *   * How to pass the credential through the tooling layer when log into git repo.

  *   * workaround: currently use repo sync outside of the containers.

  *   * AI: Scott to write up a feature request for the tool - file a request in Story Board.

       0.3  Pre-patch ISO (Luis) (Carols replacing Luis Barbosa)
           * AI: to invite Carlos Pocahy to this meeting to discuss Pre-patch ISO. (lwang8: Ping Carlos and his manager to make sure he attends)

2. StarlingX 8.0
       0.1 Secureboot Enablement
           * Working on Key in a separte repo.
                 * Need to have a different repo/storage to storage keys without changing any code.

  *              * Scott is creating the git and manifest setup. Fix up the meta data in control file, and send that back to LiZhu. [Done]

  *              * Key separation is done. Other work that are depended on key separation that needs code review.  Will focus on that today.

  *       * StarlingX can use 1. file type (basic soltuion) or go a bit further to provide 2. API for secureboot signing.

  *              * For option #2 One option is to interface  with the concept  such as Vault.

  *              * Sent the checksum into the Vault to get sign. and the key is always in the Vault.

  *              * Put the public key into the public key ring.

  *              * Level of indirection, to put the signing method(s) behind an API.

       0.2  ISO size bigginer than 4G
           with OOT driver may need to include the kernel source/debug package that will allow OOT tree driver to be built on customer target.
          * This will add the ISO size back up to greater than 4G.
          * Extension to the ISO build standard, 9660, for longer file names, addresses the daisy chain of the ISO for larger archieve.
          * AI: need to investigate the "ISO daisy chain extension of another 4G, and tooling needs. Need to createa story board ticket.
     0.3 Kernel Live Patching Integration with the build system
           * start to look into the requirements of integration of feature.
      0.4 Initramfs will changed for new driver updates
          * per one of the patch under review: https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/tools/+/872867
          * initramfs should *only* be updated if it needs modifications to gain access to the rootfs. This will not mean that it never gets updated, but it will be rare.
          * Originally the code review comment provided confusing information about initramfs was only contain the default driver. the selection of the driver verison will be selected after initramfs is used.  Now in reality, initramfs need to be reviewed, the seledtion of driver version is in initramfs time.
3. Open Request for help

  *   * Raspberry Pi support as Edge. (ARM support)

  *   * AI: Mark to reply to the thread and investigate further.

  *   * new features such as Swapping kernel, kernel module for in-tree modules need community member to support and maintain.

Next Meeting: March 8, 2023
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