[Starlingx-discuss] Reviews mentioned in the Community Call

Bruno Drugowick Muniz Bruno.Muniz at encora.com
Wed May 17 20:24:16 UTC 2023

Hey, folks.

Sorry for not being able to talk at the Community Call earlier today. I'm getting a new headset tomorrow. 🙂

To give some insight into what my team is doing in the Reviews mentioned, this is a brief summary:

  *   We chose to collaborate openly<https://openinfra.dev/legal/code-of-conduct>, thus you will see +1​ from ourselves in the Reviews because Gerrit is where we communicate amongst ourselves regarding code.
     *   The idea behind this is to share with the community while recording everything, hopefully helping Reviewers (and our future selves when revisiting past decisions).
  *   We're currently focusing on the VirtualBox setup because it helps developers and firstcomers.
  *   Our work is being done on top of existing code<https://opendev.org/starlingx/tools/src/branch/master/deployment/virtualbox/pybox> that's currently not working for the latest version(s) of StarlingX.
     *   We fixed it with the least amount<https://review.opendev.org/c/starlingx/tools/+/880870> of changes possible.
     *   We've been making more changes<https://tinyurl.com/vboxinstallreviews> on top of it since then (and building a backlog<https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2005051>).

Any help is appreciated in our endeavor.

I'm on IRC between 12 noon to 9 PM (UTC) if you prefer a synchronous conversation.

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