[Starlingx-discuss] R2.0 iso installation failure: USB device naming

Pratik M. pvmpublic at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 08:37:49 UTC 2019

[re-sending since the previous message exceeded msg-size]
I cannot seem to install the STX R2 iso using a USB key, since the
SATA device naming on my server ends up assigning /dev/sda to the USB
key (screenshot attached). And I believe the installer assumes the
root device as /dev/sda.

I tried both legacy and UEFI boot.

Also what is the way to get to a root shell during the ananconda
install? tty2 has a login prompt. I tried sysadmin/root with
sysadmin/St8rlingX* combinations, to no avail.

Thanks in advance

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