[Starlingx-discuss] StarlingX + STX-Openstack MASTER build ISO [20221021T025854Z] sanity results - Oct-21

Calixto de Paula, Gabriel Gabriel.CalixtodePaula at windriver.com
Fri Oct 21 16:05:20 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Here's the results for StarlingX + STX-openstack using the latest master branch build:

and latest Helm-Charts:

BUILD_ID: 20221021T025854Z

Overall Status: RED
A BUG was found during the execution of sanity that caused RED results on both DX labs, seems like this bug entered on 15-Oct, all of the builds since then fail to install,  a Launchpad was created for the issue:

​Bug #1993832 - StarlingX | Puppet error - Duplicate declaration during ansible playbook<https://bugs.launchpad.net/starlingx/+bug/1993832>


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